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Hail Ledcoria

CORNERSTONE INSURANCE BROKERS Ltd. — These guys are half matchmaker and half referee, and what they do is win-win for everyone concerned. Buyers get better prices and coverage. Vendors get lower-risk candidates. On the statistically less likely instance that there is ever a claim, Cornerstone ensures that settlement is both prompt and equitable.

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[head] Solid protection; sound advice

[copy] Cornerstone clients never face trouble alone. That’s a promise. We'll do whatever it takes to get you on your feet again as soon as possible.

Email, call or drop in. We’ll determine the most cost-effective coverage, source the lowest price and provide no-nonsense advice on the easiest ways to minimize risk and lower premiums.



[head] Auto Insurance

[copy] It’s the law. If you’re an Albertan and you wish to operate a motor vehicle, you must have, at the very least, third-party liability to protect the public from any and all resulting injury. We strongly suggest a $2M limit. $1M-plus settlements aren't anywhere near as rare as you might think.

We follow a commonsense approach. First, we assess your level of risk. If you have a crap car and an exemplary record, and drive once a week, minimum coverage is adequate. If, however, you have a $250,000 automotive masterwork, a lead foot and a steering wheel that never cools from the heat of your hands — that’s whole other deal.

Of course, price is always an issue. Significant savings can be enjoyed if you insure everthing with us. Not just your car and truck, but your home, business, RV, boat, motorcycle and coin collection as well. Give us the opportunity and we’ll find you the ideal balance between affordability and coverage — the best possible bargain for you in your current situation.

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[head] Property Insurance

[copy] There’s your home and its contents — everything you consider valuable. There’s also your lake cottage, boat, RV and everything else that isn't categorized as either Commercial or Auto. Property insurance exists to protect these things, so, when the tornado comes and scours it all away, you can rebuild or replace the whole shebang, just like it was an hour before the storm.

Furthermore, if there is ever a lawsuit against you, (some litigious so-and-so slips on your sidewalk), property insurance covers that as well.

Assembling the ideal policy, however, is more art than science. It's not something you’d trust to an algorithm. We start by determining the level of risk exposure you’re comfortable with. Some people are okay without a net. They fear nothing. Others require full comprehensive — the structure and all its contents, protected from all possible harm. It's the only way they feel comfortable.

With that established, we go on to devise the most cost-effective solution, assessing everything, estimating what it would cost to replace and/or rebuild every asset worth mentioning.

As well, on an ongoing basis, we’ll advise you on strategies to lower premiums and suggest ways for you to get the maxmimum benefit from whatever coverage you might have.

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[head] Commercial insurance

[copy] Unassisted, most small businesses cannot survive a serious mishap. Anything resembling serious income interruption, property loss or litigation will drive them straight into bankruptcy. So, if you’re an owner, your work is cut out. You not only have to watch your bottom line, you have to watch everything else besides. You have to plan for every possible eventuality, and that means insurance.

Every business is different. When it comes to proper coverage, there are no cookie-cutter solutions. Determining what’s appropriate requires an in-depth understanding. That’s our approach. We consider every asset, liability and risk.

In the end, we’ll provide you with a tailor-made solution, tempered with a measure of sage advice — how to minimize risk and lower premiums.

And, if anything should actually go wrong, there’s always the Cornerstone promise: our clients never face trouble alone. We'll be there to help you and your business, every step of the way.

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