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[image]  An X-ray of a fish skeleton, upside-down

[head]  Let’s Clear Things Up

[sub]  Wastewater Is Everyone’s Problem

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[head]  Where Did All The Fish Go?

[copy]  Fish population is a measure of ecosystem health. More is good, less is bad, and, unfortunately, province-wide, less is most often the case.

Over-harvesting could be the culprit, but the presence of recurring algae blooms, earlier and more abundant every year, would indicate otherwise. Early blooms used to be a rare occurrence. Now, typically, in cottage country, growth starts in mid-summer and continues on, progressing geometrically until late autumn, devouring all the dissolved oxygen and contributing to mass die-offs of aquatic life.

In worst-case scenarios, lake water becomes a witch’s brew of toxic cyanobacteria — poisonous if ingested. Groundwater becomes infected. It’s tainted and undrinkable by mid-summer.

[head]  How Does Something Like This Happen?

[copy]  Short answer: nutrients in the water — phosphates and nitrates. They come from fertilizers, detergents, manure and sewage. Unlike the other pollutants, sewage tends to come from easily identifiable sources. It’s simpler to address.

A properly functioning septic system or pit toilet contains waste until it’s fully broken down — rendered harmless by natural processes. If it malfunctions, however, or if there’s any sort of overflow or seepage, or if it’s too close to the lake, or the water table is too high, then there’s trouble. Unprocessed waste and the nutrients it contains, finds its way into the water.

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[image]  Lake water with cyanobacteria infestation

[head]  Symptoms of Septic Malfunction

[copy]  What to look out for:

[bullet]  Stink

[copy]  If it reeks, that’s a bad sign. Something is affecting the system’s ability to contain and process waste. The reservoir could be overfull or the water table too high. Whatever the malfunction, it needs looking into. Persistent odor almost always means that nutrient-rich effluent is leaking out.

[bullet]  Overflow

[copy]  Standing water indicates a high probability of environmental contamination. If wastewater is pooling, it’s seeping into the environment as well.

[bullet]  Proximity

[copy]  If your septic soakway or pit latrine is nearer than 30 meters to open water, it’s too close. There simply isn’t enough soil and waste-eating bacteria in between to act as a buffer. Even operating at optimum efficiency, it has to be leaching untreated sewage.

[head]  What You Can Do

[copy]  If you suspect that your septic system is misbehaving, it probably is. Things only last so long, even when properly maintained. If it’s never had its sludge pumped out, or if it’s overdue for servicing, or it requires repair, maybe it’s time for that.

If there’s a chance that your system could, in fact, be poisoning the environment — you have to do something. If you don’t know what to do, call in expert help. Don’t let things get any worse. The primary concern, above and beyond anything else, is to minimize the ongoing devastation.

[head]  What We Can Do

[copy]  We’re lake people too, so we’re dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help clear up algae contamination.

Give us a call and, entirely free of charge, we’ll send someone out to assess your septic system or pit toilet. If there is a problem, we’ll tell you what needs fixing and how to do it. If the job requires professional assistance, we’ll tell you how much that should cost and provide you with a written estimate, so you can comparison-shop for the best possible deal.

[head]  Wise in the Ways of Wastewater

[copy]  This is our area of expertise. We’ve been providing advanced solutions for over 40 years, from cisterns and septic tanks, to pre-engineered lift stations and everything in between.

All we carry, the whole lot, is guaranteed to last. It's backed, in every case, by a comprehensive 20-year warranty.

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[head]  Is Your Pit Toilet or Septic System Killing the Lake?

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[tag]  Grounded in Excellence, Authorized Orenco® Distributor

[copy]  Call for a free assessment: 1-800-232-7385,

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Hail Ledcoria

ALBERTA WILBERT SALES purveys all things relating to waste treatment. This is the copy from a direct mail brochure they sent out to lake cottage owners. It’s central theme: fix your septic system and help put an end to persistently recurring, early-onset algae blooms.